Ringera Must not Go with KACC

Published on 28th September 2009

We are reliably informed that since it now cannot pack the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission (KACC) with it’s cronies, epitomised by Justice (rtd) Aaron Ringera, who is himself to be investigated by the KACC Advisory Board for protecting corrupt politicians and tycoons by withholding evidence on file from prosecutors, the Executive’s new game plan is to provoke Parliament to the point that enraged MPs will blindly scrap KACC. And once KACC is scrapped it will die with all the good work it did over the years. The KACC evidence will become redundant and the corrupt will walk free.  

It is a fact that though the scam bugs have not been prosecuted, some cases have been thoroughly investigated and, put in hands more capable and willing than Justice Ringera’s, quite a number of senior politicians and tycoons will be nailed.  

That is the nightmare scenario that the scheming Executive hopes to avoid by enraging our MPs to the point they will scrap KACC and all that it represents. So, when Justice Ringera contemptuously taunts and dares the entire Republic, we must understand that he is being a polished actor in a well scripted play. His brief is to get the MPs so angry they will gang up like a bloodthirsty mob to scrap KACC.  

Already, in their characteristic posturing and grandstanding in the heat of the moment, we have heard quite a number of MPs tactlessly chest thumbing and threatening to do just that. They think that by scrapping KACC they will “strike a blow against impunity and teach Justice Ringera and President Kibaki a lesson.” Really? 

Parliament has political tools at its disposal which it can use with equal or even greater mischief, to fix the Executive. These tools include frustrating Government Bills on the floor of the House; censoring then naming hawkish ministers; starving KACC of funds; and, ultimately, even scrapping KACC.  

Nevertheless, for reasons stated above, the MPs should rule out this last option. KACC must NOT be scrapped! The war against corruption must not be lost in the heat of the moment. 

But will the MPs save the organisation, given that some of them, their friends, and relatives are under investigation by KACC for corruption, and stand to benefit when the anticorruption watchdog is no more? 

Hence, the onus is on ordinary Kenyans to save KACC by boldly standing up and demanding the unconditional exit of Justice Ringera and Ms. Fatuma Sichale. That will not only save KACC, it will allow for the proper legal procedures laid down for appointing the Director and Assistant Directors to be followed.

By Okiya Omtatah Okoiti,

Poet, playwright, novelist, author, writer and human rights activist.

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