Africa Destroying its Youths

Published on 28th December 2009

The alleged misappropriation of  over Kshs 100 million meant for Kenya's Free Primary Education is symbolic of how the country (and by extension Africa) care less about the future of  Africa's youth population. According to the Population Reference Bureau, Africa's 1 billion-strong population will grow rapidly through 2050. Moreover, the world's youth population will become more concentrated in Africa and Asia. These projections ought to make African governments to lay proper plans to positively tap into the youth resource.

It is only recently that Mr. Depo Oyedokun, Chair of the House Committee on Youth and Social Development revealed that of the over 40 million unemployed youths in Nigeria, 23 million are unemployable. While appearing before the committee on Legal and Parliamentary Affairs on the other hand, Uganda's Law Development Centre (LDC) director Mr. Elijah Wante accused universities of churning out half-baked graduates who do not fit in the job market.

Africa must urgently shun reinforcing curricular that aimed at building a cadre of human resource that would act to maintain Africa as a market for the western economy but tailor its education curricula to answer to Africa's developmental needs. There are so many challenges facing the continent on the environment, health, food security, economic well-being and infrastructure fronts. Africa's education ought to enable a critical mass of African youth to convert these challenges into business and employment opportunities.

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