Robert Zoellick Tour Should not Dictate to Africa

Published on 26th January 2010

Robert Zoellick's Africa tour "to learn how its people have coped with the global economic crisis" is welcome as it shows that Africa can teach the World. However, the continent must suspend the World Bank chief's move of working with Africans "to improve prospects of economic growth" until the global lending body shall have mustered lessons on Africa.


The World Bank/IMF attempts to push Africa to grow economically based on ever changing experimental policy templates have negated the spirit of free choice and given rise to wobbly artificial economies. It has riveted the continent on short term organizational approach to managing African affairs. Africa needs homegrown institutional structures that can freely borrow from working systems without intimidation.  


Yes, Zoellick is welcome to tour Africa and share his ideas.He is however not welcome to lecture and dictate to Africans on how they should position their economies to fit into an already skewed Global market system that the World Bank sustains.

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