Obama: Has he Failed the Blacks?

Published on 1st February 2010

President Obama could not have changed anything within one year of his presidency given the condition of things. Despite the fact that  he promised things during his campaigns, the hands of every American president get tied because of what they inherit and try to manage before forging their own moves. Lace that with an insatiable people of unrelenting capacity to find faults, it becomes harder to get reasonable conversations within the body politik. For someone many think is unsuitable for the job on the grounds of his ethnicity, they are emboldened to oppose and see him fail.


Being President of USA is a lonely job despite the glamor and prestige of the office.Obam will however end up better than Bush. Compared to Clinton's make-believe era, he will emerge heroic. Since Americans have been spoon-fed about how well and strong they are, it is hard for them to understand that things are different and the world is no longer their turf to dictate to and decide what happens. The franchise is expanded, and it is now tougher to call shots on a unilateral position or bent. Gone are the days.


Most of the people mouthing all sorts of views and comments about Obama are not able to pin him down on anything. The life of a Democrat is not better than that of a Republican, and vice versa. As America continues on this path encouraged and egged on by some of the non-collateral views that are often taken as mainstream, the country will continue to suffer.


Were what goes on in American politics to happen in some nations, they would be considered primitive, backward and naive. But here in God's own country, we lie, cheat, steal, defraud, misrepresent, all in the name of towing a side that often in itself is useless but sounds well. Where is balance as a factor to help one navigate life?


Can one have one side of a coin and believe he owns the coin? No. One must have both sides. Obama has his challenges and every president does. Consider 9-11: what was Bush doing until the attack happened? Granted he is the first US president to hold an MBA from Harvard, what did that get him and the country he led for 8 years? We are beginning to be convinced based on performance that all that education represented by letters before and or after one's name does not matter. While education is good and must be possessed, holders of education must not be seen as ‘know it alls.’


With all that, the country is tethering on the verge of a condition that even Henry 'Hank' Paulson, former Treasury Secretary under Bush, confessed in his recent memoir, that he felt clueless. He by the way, he is a Chicagoan. Contrary to Barbara Howard's comment, although airy, that Obama is surrounded by crook Chicago handlers.


The condition in the country since 2000 to date has exposed the vulnerabilities in US political and economic models. Economists used to serve by giving views that enhanced the common and greater good but since after WWII, when they were recruited to serve the position of prime ministers, presidents and heads of state, the world has shifted and continued to drift. And such shift and drift are more evident in US because of all the acclaimed minds, courtesy of Bernie Madoff, who offered his brand of capitalism cum fraud and did so for many years.


Now take that across the rest of the world, and loud mouths in US would have been having field day calling such person names and proffering why it happened. Some would have said that such countries do not have checks and balances.


Well, in God's own country, the inventor of checks and balances, thieves are alive and lying in public. Elected officials all grace the halls of power and use them to serve their narrow interests. In 1987, Ivan Bosky, Michael Milken; the junk bond inventor and trader, a Jewish fellow like Bernie Madoff, with a band of his so called inner circle operators as evidenced in the book; Den of Thieves, brought down Wall Street then called 'Black Monday'. Twenty years after, Bernie Madoff, a Jew, did the same thing. Suffice it to say, here in America, we have more crooks and cheats than any where else in the world. The difference may be because they are 'white and appear white' as in the case of Jewish conspirators. By comparison, the result of fraud, bribery and stealing on a per capita basis is highest in US.


We may/can scream all we want about Democrats and GOP, the condition of the Black person whether in hell and or heaven, appears to be the same. Haiti, the oldest independent black nation in the world within the western hemisphere, remains the saddest case of failed leadership. Well, Haiti can be excused because proximity does not mean love. Take a look at News Orleans, another case of love within God's own country, and what were we exposed to when Katrina hit?


Another case of 'you may be here but you do not count.' Note, Haiti is a French creation and New Orleans, has French influence. Any coincidence here? Most things in the western world do not happen by accident. They are engineered especially when a people are seen as never-do-wells. Didn't Dear President Bush fly over New Orleans and went back to DC? Now, he is assisting Haiti. I wonder why he didn't jump fast enough for New Orleans?


If the dividends of political engagements continue to elude people of color, and instead of them aligning to take control, engage in mouthing views that bring nothing, it is simply a case of  one whose house is on fire, but invests in chasing rats.


Some black folks in GOP, are paid operatives to recruit blacks into the fold, as shepherds. But who needs a GOP Messiah or a praise singer to assert their presence? There is no emotion in politics but strategic moves enhanced by the content of the players and the referees. Black folks are neither players nor referees. They are mere spectators allowed to watch others play, and depending on the organizers, maybe afforded opportunity to get closer.


Why is that? The average Black in America,  granted he is  the most exposed black person in the world, is spineless and often driven by association to be seen and not to be heard. He  wants to dream but does not take the challenging of achieving the dream.Instead, he takes comfort in blaming others for things they refuse to do. America is what we all make of it. Anyone believing that one side has the answers, is a welfare recipient given to blaming others for their shoddy life.


Now go take on the day, and be convinced, no need for no gatekeepers, shepherds, or Messiah to get something out of life endeavors.



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