AU Resettling of Haitians: A Boost to Africa's Integrity

Published on 2nd February 2010

The bid by the African Union (AU) to launch a fund to support Haiti, resettle and adopt Haitians is a clear manifestation that the regional body is finally minding the interests of Africans. This action, reminiscent of a move that saw the creation of Liberia by freed US slaves and Jews worldwide airlifted to Israel, is a huge landmark this February, the Black History Month.  

Haiti, the first black republic in 1804, carried high the flame of liberation and freedom for black people. Watching the nation go under from upheavals and calamities without a helping hand from Africa is not only an abuse to African accomplishment, but a serious breach of sense of duty and solidarity.

Although skeptics might want to focus on Africa’s sensitivity on land issues to declare this quest stillborn, what is important here is the powerful signal AU is sending to the world. That is:  the current global economic system is skewed and is not in favour of black people. The power in AU’s move is in its connection of Africa to its sons and daughters in diaspora.  

The AU should invest in the next step- pushing for a system that will uplift African talent and input globally and agitating for dehumanized Africans in countries such as Italy, Saudi Arabia, US, Egypt and Sudan. This will put the world on notice that Africans are not orphans.

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