The Billionth African: Workshop

Published on 17th February 2010
The 8th IREN Eastern Africa Media Training Workshop 

Theme: The Billionth African  

Date: 17- 20 March 2010 

Venue: Imperial Royale Hotel,  Kampala, Uganda  

Africa's billionth baby was born last year. The billionth baby could be the next generation leader of Africa…or just another mouth to feed. The current education, cultural, political, environmental and trading systems present a great challenge for the continent’s billionth baby. If the status quo is allowed to prevail, Africa risks loosing its baby by drowning as it attempts to cross the Mediterranean Sea to Europe. The 2 day workshop will focus on how the billionth baby will become Africa’s transformational leader.  

The Inter Region Economic Network (IREN) offers Communication Managers, Business Development Managers and Journalists in the Eastern Africa Region an opportunity to participate in shaping the future of the billionth African during the 8th IREN Eastern Africa Media Training Workshop.   

Topics of Discussion  

  1. Education system:  Human Resource and Attitude
  2. The youth: Unemployment and Migration
  3. Governance: The Ballot Box and Leadership
  4. Entrepreneurship : Producer vs. Consumer
  5. Technology : The Internet and Cell Phone Revolution 

The Background 

For the last seven years, IREN has trained over 230 journalists who cover business, development and governance issues from various independent media houses in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia Ghana and Zambia. The annual training aims at exposing media practitioners to factors that influence events in the world and to principles of wealth creation.  

The 8th IREN Eastern Africa Media Training Workshop set for 17-20 March 2010, under the theme: ‘The Billionth African’ will seek to explore the life of the billionth African, the challenges it will face and the opportunities it presents for the prosperity of the continent.  

2003-2009 Media Training Workshop Themes 

Date    Theme

2003    World Trade Organization

2004    Business and International Trade

2005    Property Rights in the African Context

2006    Conquering poverty through Business in Eastern Africa

2007    Turning Africa People into a Resource

2008    The Role of the Media in Positioning Africa in the 21st Century

2009    Africa Resources Conflict: Whose Interests Does the Press Serve? 

Participation Criteria   

The training workshop is open to all communication managers, business development mangers, journalists and other communication experts in Africa. Interested participants should send the following:

–        Duly   filled application form (Click here to Down Load)

–        A brief bio  

Your Investment  

Day Scholar Rates: Kshs 15,000 (USD 200) for the entire training. 

Full Board Rates (including accommodation for 3 nights): Kshs 60,000(USD 800) for the entire training.                                                                                                        

Travel:  All participants to make their own travel arrangements to and from the venue.  

Draft Workshop Schedule  

Key Facilitator – James Shikwati, Director, Inter Region Economic Network (IREN), CEO, The African Executive   

Day I 

Workshop 1: Education System:  Human Resource and Attitude 

Workshop 2: The youth: Unemployment and Migration                                                                                                    

Workshop 3: Governance: The Ballot Box and Leadership 

Day II 

Workshop 4: Entrepreneurship: producer vs consumer  

Workshop 5: Technology: The Internet and Cell Phone Revolution                    

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