Constitution: Kenya Should Not be Auctioned

Published on 11th June 2010

Listening to the US VP Joe Biden speak on the Kenyan constitutional process sent shivers down my spine. Kenyans (and Africans for that matter) are unable to "think" for themselves and are constantly looking for a master to show them what to do. This is how they have been educated and this is what they have mastered.

We are not merely looking for a document with new words for the same system but a constitution that will  change the entire framework of the state and government, a new kind of design with the capacity to carry the entire load of the citizens of this country- their needs, dreams and aspirations.

Unfortunately, those who picked up the struggle halfway did not fully understand nor did they have the capacity to properly lead the Kenyan people towards their complete liberation. When we cling onto the US to come in as our liberators, we are openly screaming at them to come and satisfy their needs in whatever way they want. This was made very clear when the visiting "second-in-command" openly declared that once the new order has been passed, there will be a flurry of "investors" coming into the country.

What are these investors coming to do? Anyone with the most basic understanding of the markets knows that the objective of a venture is to take advantage of openings in the markets and extract as much as possible before the competition gets wind of what’s happening.

If our entire game-plan for development is to lay our country "spread-eagled" on its back so that it can be "had" by whoever promises a pretty penny, I refuse to be associated with this prostitutious mentality.

We should be designing a system that allows our hidden potential to rise from amongst the people and for those with this potential to be given the chance and the access to resources that will enable them to properly and sustainably develop our nation towards fulfilling the true needs of our people and not towards satisfying the needs of some “foreign investors.”

The people who have appropriated themselves this role do not have a new vision for this country and what they were doing was simply redrafting the status quo to appeal to their foreign funders without understanding that what we needed was actually a new kind of state. Nations are not legislated into “being” by lawyers, but are inspired by visionaries.

If our leaders do not know how to develop this country and lead it to self-dependence, they should give space to those who posses ideas and capacity needed to develop this land!

Do not package our heritage and sell it to the highest bidder. The hand of the Americans is coming out very clearly in this; they seek to control us in every kind of way. Their dominance also comes out very clearly when our own security forces take a subordinate role when their leaders (the rulers of the empire) are visiting.

Are there any conscious and self respecting Kenyans (and Africans) who feel violated and sub-humanized by this open disregard of our capacity to think or act adults? With time, the US strategy for the re-colonization of Africa is becoming clearer by the day.

By Hillary Mulialia.

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