Kenya: Aid Money Raises Bogus Refugees

Published on 25th January 2011

The shocking revelation that the government of Kenya is allegedly spending millions of taxpayers' and donor money to feed imposters disguised as internally displaced persons affected by the 2007-2008 post poll violence should not be ignored. It is unfair for the imposters to put Kenyans in the fabled "Cry Hyena" scenario because when the real danger will strike, innocent people will perish.  

To be displaced due to disagreement amongst the political class is inhuman to say the least. The unfolding scenario which ropes in government officials and humanitarian NGOs is a replay of what is happening in the larger Africa. Corrupt government bureaucrats in cahoots with donor agencies and some donor countries are keen to feed on the African problem. They do this by fuelling crises and come to "save" Africans from the crises. This is evident in DR Congo, Sudan and Somalia among others. It is with this understanding that the Eritrean government locked warehouses containing 100,000 tonnes of UN World Food Program stock in 2006 and said "No!” to food aid. According to the Eritrean government, free food had fostered "a culture of dangerous dependency, lethargy, debilitating idleness and lack of innovativeness."

Kenyans have a responsibility to hold each other and the government accountable. Kenyan media has a great challenge to bring sober discourse on such matters so as to clear the dark emotional cloud that the political class rides on every other day. The Kenya Anti Corruption team has its work well cut out.

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