The 9th Africa Resource Bank Meeting: Digital Revolution in Africa

Published on 11th July 2011

Theme: Digital Revolution: Opportunity or Threat to Africa?

Date: Nov.16-19, 2011.

Venue: Zanzibar,Tanzania.

The arrival of three submarine cables to Africa in the past year has not only quadrupled data speeds and cut prices by 90%, but also improved internet connectivity on the continent. This combined with the rapidly changing mobile landscape in Africa is revolutionary. The total African mobile subscriber base is expected to reach 561 million (53.5%) by 2012. Some mobile operators are rolling out national fibre-optic backbone networks and are entering new service sectors under converged licensing regimes.

What does the digital revolution portend for Africa? Is it a threat? Is it an opportunity?

IREN invites you to join other delegates in discussing this important theme during The 9th Africa Resource Bank Meeting on November 16-19, 2011 in Zanzibar.

Participants interested in attending this forum are asked to send their letters of interest and a brief bio of themselves to [email protected] and cc to mailto:[email protected].

Participants willing to make presentations should send their presentations to [email protected]  and cc to [email protected]. The presentations should cover aspects of the digital revolution in any of the areas below:

• Governance
• Economy
• Security
• Health
• Agriculture
• Education
• Environment

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Since 2003, IREN has hosted over 300 delegates from over 20 countries in Africa, USA and Europe for the annual Africa Resource Bank (ARB) Meeting.

Previous themes that comprised ARB brainstorming and discussion include:- Building Africa Through Trade (2003); Property Rights in the African context (2004); Conquering Poverty in Africa through Business (2005); Turning African People into a Resource (2006); Positioning Africa in the 21st Century (2007); Commercializing Africa’s Resources to Promote Prosperity (2008); Probing Governance and Prosperity in Africa. (2009) and Africa vs. Developed and Emerging Economies: How to Make Africans Win (2010).

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