Malawi: Mutharika Should Empower the Electorate

Published on 6th March 2012

Malawi’s past success as an epitome of food security in a continent that is perennially ravaged by hunger spurs confidence in African countries that with resolve and strategic thinking, Africa can muster its own problems. The country ought to build on this legacy and invest in creating a quality human resource that will respond creatively to the country’s challenges.

Despite the fact that the country is at loggerheads with foreign agencies for allegedly plotting to topple the current leadership, local leaders must guard against falling prey to blame games. A government that is in sync with its electorate can weather varied storms. Castigating foreign agencies without addressing factors that led to their relevance and putting in place efficient service delivery structures will only serve to  make the citizenry look to external intervention as panacea.

Foreign agencies will always serve the mandates of their countries of origin.  It is imperative that Malawi and by extension other African countries forge relationships that will neither create artificial and externally dependent economies; nor serve a minority elite, but interactions that will place the continent on the path to socio-economic self-sufficiency.

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