Mali: Violence Not a Panacea

Published on 22nd May 2012

The Malian civilian government and power welding military junta must resolve to confront the challenges facing their people and desist from side shows. Mali is currently faced with political instability, secession threats (Tuareg ethnic rebellion to form own Azawad state), religious terrorism, poverty and hopelessness. The beating up and injuring of Mali's caretaker president, Dioncounda Traore by hundreds of protesters allied to the military junta will not resolve these challenges. 

Africa has looked up to Mali for lessons accruing from the country's rich civilization, governance and trade history. The people of Mali and the African Union must not allow this legacy to fade. 

The people of Mali must give dialogue a chance. Violence will not save Mali.The elites driving the opposing forces must realize that the politics of exclusion breeds more tension. It is therefore important that the leadership in Bamako sober up and resolve their difference and call upon the Tuaregs to join them on the negotiating table. Africa needs one Mali. Africa's strength must be derived from strong and well organized individual member states.

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