Transition: Ghana Sets a Glowing Example

Published on 31st July 2012

Ghana has once again proved itself Africa’s black star by conducting itself soberly after the death of President John Atta Mills. Peaceful transitions have eluded many an African country. That is why Ghana’s example should not be taken for granted.

The country’s current scenario is attributed to the strength of its institutions; professionalized military; democratic tenets; and deeply ingrained cultural values that respect the dead. It is Africa’s hope that this stability and unity will be upheld during the impending elections.

Africa must proactively grow solid systems that ensure the interest of the entire country supersedes narrow individual interests; the country moves on in spite of prevailing challenges; and servant leadership as opposed to predator leadership is created. Upholding the above will help realize ‘Africa’s Century’ and enable the continent tap into the global optimism that it is the next frontier of investment.

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