Zimbabwe Must Break the Constitution Impasse

Published on 14th August 2012

Zimbabwe's ZANU PF and MDC political parties ought to take a leaf from Kenya and break the looming deadlock over the draft constitution. Kenya's political history clearly indicates that ignoring the sentiments of the electorate is perilous.

The fact that ZANU PF, MDC and the people of Zimbabwe agree that the status quo in the country ought to change with a view to improve the living standards of people in Zimbabwe, is encouraging. Consequently, the upcoming referendum must not be framed in terms of political individuals. Zimbabwe's political elite must be patriotic and desist from manipulating the democratic system against the wishes of the electorate. 

The document that Zimbabweans will choose to vote for or against is not only meant to have a life of its own, but to outlive them. It should thus be soberly analyzed with a view of creating a new and positive dispensation for Zimbabwe. It is also important that the facilitators of this noble process prepare the country to accept the peoples' verdict and forge ahead in the event that the draft constitution is rejected. The quest for a new constitutional order or the rejection of the same opens up Zimbabwe for people participation in decision making on national issues.

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