Nigeria: How is Patience Jonathan?

Published on 1st October 2012

President Goodluck and Patience           Photo courtesy
President Jonathan blocked governors from visiting First Lady in a German hospital. Under strict instructions from President Goodluck Jonathan, the Nigerian ambassador to Germany, Abdu Abubakar, made sure a delegation of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum, which recently visited Germany, had no access to First Lady Patience, who is currently on admission in a hospital in the country. Now, is this Nigeria, you all are proud of? The scanty, misguided and misinformation about Nigeria's First Lady Mrs Patience Jonathan, is fueling intrigues and creating crocodile tears sympathizers.

Nigeria is a place of intrigue and deceptions even from those who swore to uphold the truth. It goes to what I keep saying; Nigerians do not like the truth and will do anything to block the truth. The saying, ‘the truth sets one free’ is alien to Nigerians.

Now President Jonathan complained when he was denied access to the late Yar Adua’s health situation. Now that he has a chance to turn things around for the common good, why is he acting out in the same manner his detractors did when Yar Adua was ill?  Why can’t he reveal his wife’s whereabouts and just ask for privacy and support during this time? That is what a statesman will do.

If Nigeria reporters and their media houses have teeth, and have resources, they should commit to unearthing the true information about Mrs. Jonathan’s whereabouts. But given the  shallow  approach Nigerians  give to serious  matters, it does not surprise one that they resort to praying. Even with all the prayers, armed robbers and other criminals have an upper hand as their prayers seem to be answered more often. Does that grab anyone? Everyone is robbing everyone in Nigeria, therefore, the prayers are mute and ineffective when the human factor is submerged by customs and tradition that no longer hold true in modern day, and probably never did when they were introduced. But given penchant to uphold the status quo, the lazy and idle minds remain etched in antiquated conducts.

How can it be that in the  21st century,  given all the access to information, Nigeria journalists are not able to find out about Mrs Jonathan's whereabouts? It is sickening and a sad state. Mrs. Stella Obasanjo died abroad! Mrs. Maryam Babaginda died abroad! President Yar Adua died abroad! For the wrongly rich, dying abroad is a new fad just like shipping their children abroad and when they die, their kids do not come back.

Any nation serious about building itself invests in education and healthcare. These two items receive the lowest allocation and appropriation in federal and state budget items. Do Nigerians think  that the rest of the world is not aware of the depressing state of healthcare services in the country - to the extent Nigerian medical personnel are unable to treat minor ailments?

What is the pride of a nation when their top officials submit to foreign treatments and sadly, those who once colonized her? I care less about how wealthy Nigerians claim to be. The country is sick and very sick. For those that brag  about Nigeria, this is a slap on the nation – there is nothing to brag  about.

Until the sun rises from the west, Nigeria will remain a loosely gathered group of people all tugging at each other for plain survival but bowing shamelessly to foreigners who rob her in plain sight. Even Indians, Pakistanis, Lebanese, Israelis, South Africans, are elevated nationals in Nigeria. How can the world's largest black nation be so dark and backward in its conduct, leaving many black people ashamed of her?

How can a nation whose premiere college - University of Nigeria Nsukka’s motto is: To Restore the Dignity of Man,’ be taken seriously? To restore means one once had it but now wants it back. The motto should read: In search of dignity of and for man! Couple that with Nigeria church organization - Redeemed Christian Church. Well, it should instead be Remedying Christian Church, because Nigerians appear irremediable. Go Figure!

By Ejike E. Okpa II
Dallas, Texas.

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