ANC Victory: Great Work Ahead

Published on 13th May 2014

South Africans deserve credit for conducting their elections peacefully. However, the resounding victory by the country’s ruling party – the ANC – should not lead to complacency and chest-thumping. The party must realize that it was handed another mandate in spite of gross allegations. The allegations include  poor service delivery; turning arms against its own citizens; high level corruption; skewed economic policies; rise in unemployment to 24%; rise in debt to 44% of GDP; and mining - the bedrock of the South African economy - not translating to improved living standards amongst a majority of the citizenry.

The win does not absolve the ruling party from the above. The win is an indicator that the citizenry have faith that given another chance, the party can fulfill their dreams. The party, in collaboration with other parties, must put the interests of the nation first. South Africans must not be betrayed this time round.

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