Skill Deficiency Among SA Blacks: A Microcosm of Africa?

Published on 16th September 2014

According to a report on youth employment trends over the last 20 years in South Africa, less than 18% of black people are in skilled employment compared to over 61% of whites. Their Indian counterparts on the other hand have made major inroads in acquiring skills. This is a grim picture of the future of the rainbow nation.

The report however mirrors the state of the larger Africa in global affairs. More than 40 years after African nations got their independence; their economies are owned stock and barrel by others. African nations comprise a majority in the UN General Assembly, yet they have no major say in the global body. Crying will not help remedy the situation. Africans have to be proactive and steer the destiny of their continent.

The question that we [Africans] should ask ourselves is what success formula the Indians, Chinese, Japanese and Europeans have used, that we are not using. We must believe in ourselves, learn from people who have used their superiority to conquer the world, and embrace them to learn the secret of their extraordinary successes in life.

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