Peace and Security: Africa Challenged

Published on 28th October 2014

If the ensuing discussion in the recent Peace and Security seminar hosted jointly organized by the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Kenya and Inter Region Economic Network is anything to go by, Africa has to up its ante. The envoys, security experts, think tanks, and scholars present observed that the ‘Africa rising’ optimism stands to be severely dented if pockets of armed conflicts, terrorism, political turmoil, extremism and radicalization go unchecked.

It was noted that Africa has what it takes to solve its problems. The continent must therefore muster confidence and the will to address its challenges. The continent was challenged to formulate an architecture that interested partners can work with (to avoid manipulation and derailment); review the traditional peace keeping methods which have not worked; and deploy comprehensive preventive social, economic, political, and diplomatic measures.

China made it clear that while it will work with Africa on matters pertaining peace and security, it recognizes that the answers lie within Africa, hence the interests of the people of Africa come first.

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