Sata is Gone: Zambia Must Move On

Published on 11th November 2014

Zambians and other African luminaries bade farewell to President Michael Sata at a funeral attended by thousands, with no clear indication on who will take the helm of Africa’s second-largest copper producer.

It is important that Zambians exercise sobriety as the current fractious and tumultuous environment is not healthy for the nation. About 61 percent of the country’s 14 million people live on less than $1 a day. The kwacha is gradually weakening to the dollar and stands at 1.6 percent against the dollar. It is in every Zambian’s best interest to ensure peace and stability to revive investor confidence.

The late Sata in his 2011 inauguration speech hailed his predecessors for the peaceful and orderly transition of power. “This precedent, which has been with us since we gained our independence, is a virtue which I will treasure and respect,” he said. Peaceful and orderly transition will be a befitting tribute to the late Sata. He is gone, but Zambians must address their current challenges soberly.

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