Mandera Massacre: An Indictment on Kenya’s Security

Published on 25th November 2014

An armed gang alleged to be Al Shabaab militants recently killed 28 passengers in a Nairobi bound bus. This happened  in the background of a series of insecurity incidents which have led to the loss of lives of many Kenyans.

It beats reasoning that a war front—the Kenya Somalia border—can be so porous that militants walk in and walk out at will. It also beats reasoning that in spite of the assurance of security by the government, the rate of insecurity is skyrocketing. It is no secret that the media have documented the movement of arms from the border to the country’s capital city undetected.

The war against terror needs the effort of all Kenyans. No one should sacrifice the country’s future on the altar of money, populism, political mileage, religion and short term gains. The Kenya government must walk the talk and put its boots on the ground, re-strategize and avoid using tactics that do not work. The African Executive sends its condolences to the bereaved Kenyans whose friends, parents, spouses, neighbours and kins were killed in cold blood.

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