Insecurity: Has Kenya Become A Slaughterhouse?

Published on 2nd December 2014

For how long shall Kenyans endure the brutality of the criminal and terrorist perpetrators? Hardly three weeks have elapsed since an armed gang alleged to be Al Shabaab militants blew out the brains of  28 passengers in a Nairobi bound bus. The attackers have unleashed terror again, reportedly killing 36 people in the same region. These criminal and murderous attacks are an indictment to the Kenya government for treating security matters casually in spite of  spending a lot in the security docket.

The war against terror needs solidarity and decisive action from all Kenyans. No one should sacrifice the country’s future on the altar of money, populism, political mileage, religion and short term gains. The attacks are a big test to the Kenya government’s anti-terrorism strategy and clearly depict a lapse in vigilance, complicity and ineffective counter-strategy. If the attacks are treated as routine, the country will descend to the abyss of mayhem. The African Executive sends its condolences to the bereaved Kenyans whose friends, parents, spouses, neighbors and kins were killed in cold blood.

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