South Africa Land Bill: A Step in the Right Direction

Published on 17th February 2015

South Africa is mulling over introducing the Regulation of Land Holdings Bill that will bar foreign nationals and juristic persons from owning land in South Africa. They will however be eligible for a lease of 30 to 50 years in the decisive bill that sets the ceiling of land ownership at a maximum of 12 000 hectares.

While some analysts view the bill as a political move to endear the ruling African National Congress to the electorate in the wake of the party’s waning popularity, it is no secret that some historical injustices impede the rainbow nation from improving the living standards of a majority of its black population. The country has witnessed strikes in the health, education and mining sectors. Disillusioned South Africans rose up against other African nationalities whom they accused of taking over their jobs.

At independence, political power was ceded to black South Africans. However, economic power still remains in the hands of the Whites. The government of South Africa ought to invest heavily in equipping South Africans with skills that will enable them to respond to challenges that face them with hindsight that fighting for a shrinking pie instead of increasing its size will do South Africa no good. South Africa’s black people must be involved in the pie baking industry! This should not be done in a manner that will create antagonism with other stakeholders. A win-win scenario is a better option.

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