Cecil Rhodes’s Statue and UCT Outrage

Published on 31st March 2015

Students from The University of Cape Town (UCT) in their “Rhodes Must Fall” campaign have for weeks agitated for the removal of Rhodes’s statue on campus in what EFF leader Julius Malema describes as an onslaught against white supremacy.

Their quest is an affront to the current world socio-political and economic order that suffocates Africa hence hindering the continent's rise. It is imperative that Africa interrogates inherited and existing systems (both internal and externally generated) that have seen it lag behind other continent's that have undergone similar history. Africa's quest must go beyond the 'visible' statues to the 'invisible' statues that negate equality, self-determination, peaceful coexistence, turning population into a productive resource, and peace.

The African Executive congratulates Nigerians for largely voting peacefully and demonstrating that elections are not a life and death affair. Nigeria has made Africa proud.

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