Xenophobia in South Africa Must be Denounced

Published on 21st April 2015

The bid by South African Football Association (Safa) and the Premier Soccer League (PSL) to organise two high-profile international friendly matches against neighbouring countries to create unity in the wake of attacks on foreign nationals is welcome. All stakeholders in South Africa must pick this thread to cobble up the Rainbow Nation’s unity.

These attacks are a microcosm of what is happening elsewhere in Africa where radicalization of youth into militia is rife; hundreds of fleeing Africans are perishing across the Mediterranean Sea; and people are hyped to view each other in ethnic and political affiliation prisms. 

We are all in this ship called Africa navigating the high seas of sociopolitical and economic development and the pursuit of global relevance. Together, we shall save this ship or together, we shall sink with it.

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