EU-B2B Forum: Time for Sober Dialogue

Published on 5th May 2015

The EU and Africa are holding the EU-Africa B2B Forum in Mons, Belgium. The forum brings together African and European business professionals from the private sector to discuss opportunities, expectations and needs. Apart from promoting win-win business and opportunities, the forum will also launch thee EU-Africa Online B2B platform that will ensure participants keep in touch as well as provide various resources for doing business in Africa.

The fundamental inequality in international trade has hampered Africans from building sufficient national wealth to invest in their infrastructure and industry. African countries are frustrated by the high import protection in Europe. For example, the average agricultural bound tariff is estimated to be 62%.

It is hoped that African business professionals will highlight the skewed trade policies in favour of Europe and that Europe will be willing to reform, be more inclusive and democratic in engaging with Africa. The forum is thus a big opportunity for Africa to push for win-win ties.

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