Senegal Language Crisis a Mirror of Larger Africa

Published on 23rd June 2015

The language crisis that has hit Senegal is a reflection of the loss of identity that Africans have undergone. After the approval of the use of vernaculars in parliament due to the inability of most lawmakers to express themselves in the official language, French, the lawmakers are unable read and write their respective vernacular language, even the national language Wolof.

It is not uncommon to find Africans dividing themselves along Anglophone, Francophone, Portuguese or Arab lines. This has made Africans lose authenticity and become Mirrors of a culture perpetuated by their former colonial powers.

There is need for Africans to rediscover themselves, be proud of their culture and refine it to relate meaningfully with the rest of the globe. Failure to do this will make the continent disjointed and always play ‘catch-up.’

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