Africa Must Streamline its Core Interests

Published on 28th July 2015

President Uhuru Kenyatta during the just concluded Global Entrepreneurship Summit noted that Kenya cannot be aligned to the East or West, but to progress. While his observations are subject to various interpretations, one thing is clear; Africa has been on this path before. Pronouncements need to be backed up by strategies and actions to ensure fulfillment.  Partners come to Africa ready and prepared to engage; Africa has historically remained mesmerized by short term gains.

Renewed attention and interest in Africa therefore must meet well thought out galvanizing core interests from the continent. Africans need to articulate clearly the continent’s shared values; purpose for existence; efficiency and African agency. The deep-seated trauma that has held the continent back must be dealt with. The current skewed global dispensation that has arrested productivity within Africa should be reviewed. African partners come to the continent with a long term view, that’s why they invest in space exploration. This must be a challenge to Africans to raise their eyes up and forge strategies for peaceful engagements.

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