Africa Must Leverage on Calls for a Reformed UN

Published on 29th September 2015

Various speakers in the 70th session of the United Nations' General Assembly have raised the need for the global body to change the way it works. Individual countries and blocks are clamoring for a meaningful relationship in the fraternity of global nations.

In the recent past, Africa has leveraged on its relationship with emerging economies to vigorously exert its viewpoints in international processes. The African Union, for example, marshaled its forces to counter the activities of the International Criminal Court. In 2003, African countries contributed to the collapse of the World Trade Organization talks in Cancun, Mexico when they walked out in protest after Western countries refused to open their markets to the poor.

Africa must ride on the existing wave of call for reforms and push for a reformed United Nations system that can effectively protect weak countries from powerful partners; a reformed international financial system that can scale down illicit outflows of money from the continent and a reformed global system that can anchor a multi-polar world to enable Africans evolve development models that work for them. Africa, with proper strategy, will drive global economies. Africans must shun the beggar mentality and take charge of their destiny.

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