America’s Bottom 90% :An Ignored Lot

Published on 22nd March 2016

As Donald Trump leads a full-scale war against the Republican establishment and elites, particularly through his attack on both their military (Iraq) and their trade (NAFTA) policies, the Democratic Party is also in a predicament that Bernie Sanders’ candidacy is exposing. Both parties right now face a great crisis of leadership/ideology as well as a great opportunity for reinvention, and whichever party first reinvents itself successfully will begin winning elections the way the Democrats did in the 1932-1968 era.

If neither does, our nation faces a massive crisis provoked by the loss of democratic representation of the majority of the American electorate.  Neither party today does much of anything for the bottom 90% of Americans, as so clearly demonstrated by a recent study out of Princeton that showed that the likelihood of legislation passing that represents the interest of that bottom 90% was equivalent, statistically, to white noise. This finding proves that neither Democratic nor Republican Parties give a damn about the well being of America’s bottom 90%. This is particularly the case for America’s racial and ethnic minorities.

To which, many Black and Latino Americans remain oppressed by America’s Black, Latino and White elites that are financially plugged into the White Power Structure’s paltry-dropping of pennies into their tin cups. Fifty-two years after the Civil Rights Act was passed in Congress, Black, Latino and White elites have formed a screw the rest of America bond that’s plays on the ignorance and stoked emotions of its constituents by which they are manipulated for personal political and financial gain. The articles at the following links;


…clearly demonstrate that the Democratic Party, which includes the following surrogate Yassa Messa organizations: a) Congressional Black Caucus; b) NAACP and Urban League; c)National Association of Legislative Black Caucuses and d) National Conference of Black Mayors –do not give a damn about Black America’s 400 years of economic deprivation and racial oppression!

In the late 1980s, the DLC Democrats (and now the Third Way/Clinton Democrats) embraced the professional class and embraced complex solutions to our nation’s problems. They consciously moved away from labor/working class and towards an elitist embrace of banksters, the emerging “geniuses” of Silicon Valley, and the college-educated at all levels. They even went so far as to suggest it was a good thing that much of America’s blue-collar working-class high-school-diploma jobs go to China and Mexico, as we here in America needed to move to the “new economy” jobs of technology, medicine, and finance, requiring a college education.

This ideological change in the Party led to the Clinton-era 1990s policies that gutted our industrial base, ripped apart the social safety net (ending “the era of big government”), created the Industrial Prison Complex and financialized today’s economy, based on the Dutch Mercantile Capitalistic Model of insatiable greed at the expense of everybody else. President Obama’s failure to even bring up Card Check (the Employee Free Choice Act, which would have strengthened Labor), even after campaigning on it twice, is one of the most obvious examples of the Party’s decision to give lip service to working people, but keep their emphasis on elite complexity and the professional class that embodies it.

At a 2004 meeting in Washington, D.C., commemorating the 50th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education, to the delight of the White Power Structure, comedian and actor Bill Cosby made outrageous remarks that were sharply critical of racially oppressed, poor Black Americans. Bill Cosby, a successful House Negro elitist, relentlessly attacked poor and working-class Black Americans. Cosby placed the blame and responsibility for poor standard of living and quality of life conditions suffered by 95% of Black Americans on the shoulders of racially oppressed Black Americans. Bill Cosby’s flippant tone and castigation of Black Americans was only exceeded by his longstanding hypocrisy and deeply seed, burning passion to place his hot dog into the buns of every White Woman he could drug.
The Democratic and Republican Parties are bursting at the seams, filled with Bill Cosby and Clarence Thomas Clones that are being used as overseers—puppets and tools, to keep Black America forever-firmly-situated on The Plantation.

Over the last 52 years, two societies—a small elite, super rich class and large underclass—has become even more unequal. Although a micro and very fragile, black middle class has emerged and has been allowed to integrate itself into mainstream America, those left behind are more segregated now than they were in 1968.

Ten years ago, during the subprime lending boom, banks and other financial institutions targeted African Americans for the marketing of subprime loans. The loans had exploding interest rates and prohibitive prepayment penalties, leading to a wave of foreclosures that forced black homeowners back into ghetto apartments and devastated the middle class neighborhoods to which these families had moved. The City of Baltimore sued Wells Fargo Bank, presenting evidence that the bank had established a special unit staffed exclusively by African American bank employees who were instructed to visit black churches to market subprime loans. The bank had no similar practice of marketing such loans through white institutions. These policies were commonplace nationwide, but federal bank examiners responsible for supervising lending practices—some of whom were BLACK— made no attempt to intervene.

With both political parties captured almost entirely by the interest of the top 1% (Republicans) and the top 10% (Democrats), the bottom 90% feel they have nowhere else to go.  For the past few decades, they’ve expressed this reality of being unrepresented by simply not voting and not showing up for politics, which they correctly saw as rigged and not working in their interest.

The choice between corporate owned, establishment Republicans or establishment Democrats will depress overall political turnout, turn an emerging generation of Millennials into radical cynics, and feed growing explosions among the base of both parties (Tea Party and the latest version of Occupy/Black Lives Matter).  If this happens we hope it will result in chaos in the streets and force Rich Establishment Progressives to get out of their warm seats and head out to America’s main streets in protest.

By Dr. Thomas Hartman 

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