Zuma Landmark Ruling and Leadership

Published on 10th April 2016

The highest court in South Africa made a landmark ruling after finding South Africa's President Jacob Zuma guilty of violating the constitution after he failed to repay some of the money he used to upgrade his private home. The ruling has emboldened a section of the political class to call for his impeachment, a move that would make him the first president to face impeachment proceedings since minority rule ended in 1994.

The ruling was a plus to the rule of law. The law as presently constituted and practiced in Africa is not designed to further democracy and individual enterprise. It is within parameters of the law that Africans have been robbed, maimed, killed and shortchanged. For over 30 years, the African political class has presided over conflicts that have sentenced millions to untimely death. There is need to establish strong, workable, water-tight and pro-people institutions that will create a level playing ground on the continent. This will make outcomes predictable and easen the continent’s engagement with business partners.

Zuma, on the other hand, should be congratulated for agreeing with the ruling, apologizing to the nation and accepting to meet the demands of the law. This is leadership.

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