Winners and Champions: A Word Play?

Published on 11th May 2016

Dear Editor,

Refer to Tony Elumelu’s ‘The Role of Business Champions in Africa.’ What exactly is the difference between a champion and a winner in Tony Elumelu's definition? Such distorted use of the English language to convey a phenomenon is appalling.  He  fleshed up other authors’ thoughts which he  mostly used disproportionately to convey a thought line to the rest of Africa as if it's his original idea. He did a bad job of comparative analysis. The point which he tried to make is least original to his doings and manifestations. Any avid reader could pick these holes so fast.

The two words winner and champion in use are rather robust theoretical concepts which he was unable to fathom, express or instil the fullness and richness of meaning in relation to political-economy. The disparate nature of both concepts which he tried to confluence into a single meaning obviously gave away the entirety of his lack of originality.

Africa does not need impostors as this in ideology.

Tony Alabi.

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