The Brexit Vote: Lesson for Africa

Published on 14th June 2016

Tension is growing in the EU as momentum for a vote on June 23 for Britain to leave the EU grows. The coming referendum has elicited mixed feeling with some quarters arguing that departure could result in ten years or more of socio-political and economic uncertainty as the UK renegotiates new arrangements with the EU and over 50 other countries around the world. Other quarters however posit that departure would give the country freedom to determine its destiny in the international arena. The Brexit vote is a wakeup call for the EU to rethink its attractiveness and value proposition.

While Britain should be sober and carefully consider the pros and cons, the rest of the world, especially Africa should learn that a time comes when international and regional pacts should be reviewed, unhealthy ones shunned  and pathways charted to elicit a win-win scenario. This should howver be done orderly.

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