Thought Leadership Key to Africa’s Development

Published on 30th August 2016

If the critical inquiry and proposals made by thought leaders in the just concluded 6th IREN Eastern Africa Thought Leaders Forum are anything to go by, then Africa has a great future. While acknowledging that the African continent remains at the periphery in world affairs majorly due to deficient leadership, the thought leaders drawn from various disciplines in Eastern Africa expressed optimism that with proactive resolve, Africa has what it takes to play a meaningful role in local and global affairs.

The thought leaders called for a culture of open mindedness, innovation, vision, meritocracy, talent management, inclusivity, celebration of good leadership, inspiration, the rule of law, critical thinking, pragmatism and constitutionalism among others. This, they said, should be practiced at political, civic, intellectual, corporate and individual levels.

The IREN Eastern Africa Thought Leaders Forum nurtures futuristic thinkers and offers them an opportunity to re-evaluate, grow and think beyond the usual. Since 2011, The Inter Region Economic Network (IREN) has hosted a select group of thinkers to identify strategies that will enable East Africans to organically evolve their own socio-political and economic systems.

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