Nigeria Political Killing Fields - 17 Years Running

Published on 30th August 2016

Since 1999, many political killings have happened and hardly has anyone  been brought to justice. Still unsolved is the killing of Bola Ige - Minister of Justice and Attorney General under President Obasanjo. Interestingly, the Yoruba  have remained quiet in this awful demise of one of their modern day icons - Bola Ige

Were Mr. Ige to have died under a non-Yoruba president, all of Nigeria would have been made to pay as Nigerians were reminded of MKO Abiola who was killed/died under General Abacha. Abacha is non-Yoruba, get it. 

In Nigeria tribalistic socio-political landmine with unending doses of INTRA and INTER tribal hate and hatred, it is hard to pin what the issues derailing the world's most populous black nation from emerging.  

It is under the conflicts,  confusion  and wanton display of malfeasance that foreigners especially Lebanese, Indians, Pakistanis, Chinese, Israelis and of late white South Africans, in alleged cohort with the west,  keep exploiting Nigeria.

Nigerians are fronts in their own country aiding and abating conducts that undermine their collective existence. No one should be blamed but Nigerians.

Since the so called sons and daughters of the soil remain vicious against one another - the foreigners have become rather 'Malcolm-In-the-Middle - fishtailing their way through despondent and hapless Nigerians who are quick to please anyone else than themselves. 

Nigeria  appears rudderless and anchored on men and women who would rather be PIMPs - Put-In-My-Pocket officials than buckle down to straighten the ship of state for a destination suitable for their collective existence. The sun must rise from the west first before Nigerians admit their roles in messing up their country.

Nigerians call foul on themselves allowing spectator-foreigners be they the agents of the former colonizers or new comers mostly persons from C-countries make decent living while Nigerians scramble for whatever is left on the table. In return, they mow each other down for peanuts.

By Ejike E. Okpa

Dallas, Texas.

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