The Journey to Significance Starts from Within!

Published on 12th September 2016

Ike Amadi is a fiercely passionate and energetic young Nigerian whose vision in life is to inspire others to do something to better themselves and their communities. He is a graduate of computer engineering from the Moscow Power Engineering Institute. Ike has served in several leadership capacities and is currently the president of Students for Christ, a vibrant group charged with transforming today’s youths into trustworthy dedicated leaders.

In this interview, Ike Amadi, now a doctoral candidate, spoke recently to Kester Kenn Klomegah, an independent research writer on Russia-African affairs, about his motivation to begin writing books and the significance of his message to the present generation. 

Here are interview excerpts: 

Q:What are the motivational or driving factors to write books?

Amadi: Thanks, when I observe something missing in the society – especially in my immediate community, I try to address it through my writing; basically to call attention to that malady. It is a way for me to teach and transfer my learning. Thankfully, I find that my thoughts are usually well received, which in turn motivate me to write more and to reach a wider audience. 

Another important factor is the fact that I am originally a story teller. I love telling stories – of the things I have experienced, and the stories I have heard. When these stories are told, they usually help other people find their directions or identify the missing piece in their journey. I believe stories are like maps and that is why I have to keep telling stories – good stories, to give direction and also make people lead happier lives. We create happiness for other people by adding value to them. 

Q:You have written two books while studying at the institute, how similar or different are they?

Amadi:The two books – “Do Something!” and “Do Something Significant!” are quite similar in the theme they address – in that they are written to inspire action; by content however, they are quite different. Or better put it, one is a continuation of the other. “Do Something Significant” is the continuation of “Do Something!” 

If “Do Something!” – my first book – is seen as a beginner’s manual – for someone who wants to do something meaningful with their life; the second one “Do Something Significant!” is the manual for personal development. That is, that person has already started doing something, but wants to know how he can plan his life and actions better in order to yield better results and gain significance in life. 

 Q:What is the key message in both books for readers?

Amadi:The key message is “Indolence is costly” and that “the journey to significance starts from within.” You must do something, if you want to get something out of your life; and after you have done something, you do something significant! So the first question is how do we get started? Keep asking yourself the right simple questions and make sure you strive to get the right answers. Try to overcome fear and failure! As the saying goes, nothing is given on silver platter, so you must do something you have never done, even if you have done it before then you must work relentlessly towards its improvement and learn to take it by force. You might finally ask, what changes are you making in different stages of your to become significant to the society? 

Q:What difficulties did you face while writing these books and how did you overcome them?

Amadi:Writing a serious work while studying may not be very easy; you need to be able to properly manage your time in order to meet your writing deadlines, as well as not get kicked out of school for poor performance. At that time also, I kept a part-time job, and so time was a great challenge for me. But I managed by cutting off every time-wasting activity, and by using the night time, nay, every spare time I had very well. I also think because I was all too confident in my message, I was able to put in every effort and more to see that the work was completed. And thank God, it was. 

Q:Can you discuss your vision for future?

Amadi:Yes, I certainly can. I am looking forward to and planning for a time when I can do things like these full time, and reach out to more lives especially the young people who are still struggling with finding direction for their lives. 

Right now, I have two social and spiritual projects I am working on – The Learn and Apply Family (LA Family), which is an online Bible study platform that encourages people to study the word of God daily; and Do Something Club which mentors young people and helps them understand how life works. It is my desire that we will solidify and institutionalize these platforms so that they can outlive me and my team. This will include setting up some permanent structures for the propagation of the vision and message to the rest of the world. 

That is the overarching vision for my life. And so I am working on it, and developing myself and building a strong team with people who understand my vision – to inspire our generation. (END)

By Kester Kenn Klomegah 

Kester Kenn Klomegah is an independent research writer on Russia-African affairs.

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