Local Grassroots Prosperity is World’s Prosperity

Published on 23rd September 2016

The world is always capable of creating perpetual grassroots prosperity for its global inhabitants but what’s stopping it? The dust bowls of recent economic developments are living proof of the mountains of bureaucracies and valleys of incompetence.  This is a state where rivers of corruption flow and cause flash floods of destructions. The recently concluded G20 meeting of 2016 just raised more dust storms.

The so called ‘organized and established world’ increasingly appears to have little or nothing to offer in order to create grass roots prosperity.  On the other side, the so called ‘disorganized global populace’ is lost in the economical fog and appears to be more qualified and ready to seek out possible grassroots solutions.  Eventually there will be a fix to the problem in a big way. Old models have fallen from grace and massive new deployments of new global age thinking are now extremely critical. The rise of the ‘job creators’ and owners of small medium size businesses appear to have a solid frontier that will unleash massive entrepreneurial forces on the nations as a major step to making the world prosperous again.

Where the absence of the National Entrepreneurial Manifesto or “business plan of a nation” exists, a nation simply becomes the living proof of dust bowl economies. Serious and national conversations with bold debates are critical to adopt powerful thinking and national deployments.

The global momentum towards finding ‘globally workable harmonious solutions’ is on the rise. If nations succeed in primarily seeking their own inward bound models of grassroots national prosperity, this success may greatly assist them in solving outward bound global issues.  It will also help them take care of other miscellaneous distractions. Achieving grassroots prosperity at a national level in each country and eventually taking this achievement globally is the new 2020 challenge. Nationalism versus Globalism policies demand further solid debates, recalibrations backed by hardcore real numbers and tabling of pragmatic solutions. Podium rhetoric and Teleprompter literacy is just not enough.

There is no single country in the world today that is powerful, smart or moral enough to take care of the rest of the world.

The world has rapidly changed and now amidst major global shifts of power around the world, nations are seeking regional superiorities. Making the world prosperous again demands acknowledging of some of the following basic facts;

FACT: The world is teetering and ready to slide into a new global financial crisis.

FACT: Leading governments, at best, are silent and avoiding such real hot topics.

FACT: The global populaces aware of such technocalamity are still optimistic.

FACT: The Brexit or Trump victory models are game changers for the remaining world.

FACT: Never before the socio-economic melting points so high, while growth ever so low.   

The Trumpization of American psyche is reaching a melting point and why not? The answers seem to be hidden in segregating the followers of Americanism v/s Globalism and those making American 1st a top single priority over and above all other distractions.

No other experiment of human endeavour has been as successful as America. The exemplary powerhouse performances of previous decades of America are now seriously being missed by the nation and their current policy models are questioned by other nations. In this perfect dusty storm of regional chaos and global adjustments out there is a shiny armoured knight on the pale horse who rides through the ghost towns of today’s America. America is awakening. While America awaits the elections, the world awaits the inauguration.

Firstly, the hyper-accelerated world is already passing thru the eye of the needle; the post-oil era has now firmly grabbed the global economical frailties and activated massive detoxification processes of oil-addicted nations demanding a sobriety test of tightrope walking to showcase honest legit fiscal balances.

Secondly, the liabilities of the old era are obvious: old mindsets, old dysfunctional fiscal planning with old methods of calibrating and measuring the economical data primarily benefits globalization. The open concepts of global free trading have been critically beneficial to the largest enterprises while erasing the middle classes in most countries. This demands open and honest debate.

Nothing old will work anymore; a global age demands global age solutions. A new global age re-thinking is needed for the heads of state, guardians of nationalism and for the mega organization heads with vested interest in achieving innovative excellence and image supremacy of the nation.

Making the world prosperous again calls for Smart Nations where common sense dominate rhetoric, where smart work is rewarded, global execution accepted and transformational aspects are considered absolute priority.  Smart nations will not be ‘class-room-trained’ but ‘occupationally-trained.’

To balance an ‘Entrepreneurial Manifesto for a Nation’ a solid understanding is an absolute prerequisite. Entrepreneurialism is not a course, a degree or a written methodology; it’s all about understanding and experiences acquired by real living encounters; it’s not ‘explicit knowledge’ like learning accounting, but rather ‘tacit knowledge’ like learning to swim or ride a bike.

Human development is not measured in just degrees and certifications but rather in gaining real occupational expertise and transformational entrepreneurialism. Education is at its best when left alone to simply grow the mind and knowledge. Real life occupational experiences are best in the economical battlefields where creating prosperity and job creation are the prime goals of creating grassroots prosperity.

We already have an overly educated and certified while extremely under experienced youth population amongst all of the developed nations. What can new economies do?  No new budgets or special budgets are required, but rather, deeper understanding of key issues and deployment global age execution. Most of the infrastructure is already there and all it requires rapid deployment at fraction of costs

To make the world prosperous again—are countries ready to create National or global mandates in order to provide good landings to 100 million restless and wandering entrepreneurs seeking safe and fertile ground to incubate prosperity, job creation and long term value?  Are deployment plans in place?

The Expothon Strategy for Quadrupling Exportability’s Key objectives

1-How to uplift 1000 to 100,000 high potential small medium and large local enterprises

2-How to train 1000 to 100,000 founders, owners and job creators to become global age experts

3-How to create massive transformational changes towards new global age models

4-How to select USD$10-100 million worth high potential enterprises to quadruple their exportability

The world can easily absorb unlimited exportable ideas in unlimited vertical markets. The well designed innovative ideas are worthy of such quadrupled volumes. The entrepreneurial and dormant talents of India are capable of such tasks. The new global age skills, knowledge and execution are now the most critical and missing links.

Such exclusive deployments are not “One Single Day Photo-Op Events”  but a full year  round of 365 days of rigorous coaching and training to bring transformational agenda and this is how the business owners learn and engage on the following:

Question One: Are the targeted regions or verticals blessed with 1000-10,000 high potential entrepreneurs with ownership of high potential enterprises anxious to spread their wings and reach upper stratosphere of innovative excellence by transforming into global age thinkers and executioners?

Question Two:  As a national agenda, is the leadership ready to engage and debate with world-class thought leadership on such crucial prosperity and job-creation topics at the highest level and share openly with the nation? Is the Local or National leadership ready to recognize such optimized and hidden entrepreneurial talents as the biggest and most timely assets of the nation?

The role of Local Government and National economic development bodies is crucial. Participating nations can deploy and evaluate a custom fit strategy under a master plan. There is nothing like having a solid shield against the blowing winds and facing a nation with a specific game strategy.     

Role of Entrepreneurial Minds                                     

On such programs, participants are being selected from various countries around the world to lead and manage senior Cabinet level corporate boardroom presentations in various top capital cities. They will also oversee the lead deployment of a major Expothon Program calibrated for a designated region or specific market of that country. Applicants must be active or retired high power entrepreneurial executives with vested interest in creating massive local prosperity and helping increase the national GDP. This is a high profile deluxe platform for deluxe minds entering a global age. Such programs are currently engaged in several top level discussions in dozen plus markets around the world and looking for entrepreneurial minds to play a very important role in local high profile programs.

By Naseem Javed

The author is a corporate philosopher and founder of Mentorian Worldwide.

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