Trump Giving Terrorists a Field Day

Published on 8th March 2017

Terrorists are celebrating the arrival of the new US president Donald Trump who recently offered them the ammos to take on the US. His recent absolute executive order shunning the citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries namely Libya, Iran, Iraq,  Somalia, Syria and Sudan and Yemen  dazed and quaked the world.  First, no one expected a sane person to use presidential writ to ban others from entering his country on grounds of being Muslims or what he conjures to be terrorist without any scientific or watertight evidence.

The Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) and other terrorist groups must be having a good time for getting what they wanted freely and easily. I don’t know if Trump and his security advisors know that what they unleashed is exactly what the terrorist groups employ namely discriminating, criminalising and demonising all those who don’t subscribe to their ideology. Refer to how the ISIL and other international terrorist groups have been hijacking and killing even beheading Westerners simply because they’re infidels. If anything, discrimination and division have always been the tool of terrorism as it originates from neo-religions that sired the seed of destruction wherever they converted people.

Why wasn’t Saudi Arabia included in Trump’s ban now that the symbols of Islam such as the holy cities of Mecca and Medina are in Saudi Arabia? The reason is simple: it is in bed with the US.  What a double standard! I think Indonesia has many more Muslims. Why isn’t it affected? Isn’t this pure islamophobia that Trump displays pointlessly? What of homegrown terrorists that have recently become a thorn inside Europe?  

When an academic Blaney III referred to Trump as a “mortal danger for the US,” I thought that he had gone to too far. With Trump, the US might lose big time unless corrective measures are taken. Trump’s mantra during the 2016 campaigns showed vividly how he hates people of colours mainly blacks whom he and his father once denied the right to rent their condos. Additionally, Trump seems to add Muslims to the people of colour. He once asserted that Africa needs to be recolonised for 100 years.

With the majority in both houses of Congress and Senate compounded with his racist history and ignorance of America’s foreign policy, Trump becomes dangerous for Africa as the head of the country leading the global war on terror. The little time he has been in power has been dogged by controversy that has prompted his predecessor to criticise his populist policies.

By Nkwazi Mhango


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