Africa: Why a Unified Voice Remains a Dream

Published on 4th July 2017

Reacting to Africa: The Need For A Unified Voice,  I agree that Agenda 2063 and its accompanying First Ten-Year Implementation Plan 2014-2023 is the future for Africa, a positively brilliant plan that lays out the fastest way for African citizens to go from poverty to affluence. But no one knows about it!

All African governments signed up to it. But none are promoting it among their citizens – as they agreed to do – because Agenda 2063 wants to “ensure the full participation of African peoples in governance,” which of course no African government wants!

The AU asks – indeed, positively screams out – for citizens to become involved: “The critical success factors are……ensuring participation……of citizens”, and many other similar statements. Because it knows that, unless citizens get involved, Agenda 2063 will not be implemented.

Yet no activists, campaign organizations or political oppositions even talk about it, never mind promote it, despite being asked to “Encourage all political parties / private candidates use Agenda 2063 as a basis for preparing their political manifestos.” Presumably meaning that if they don’t, then don’t vote for them.

By David Barber

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