Kenya Must Drop the Siege Approach to Governance

Published on 10th October 2017

Kenya is in the eye of the storm. The withdrawal of the National Super Alliance Presidential candidate, Raila Odinga, from the October 26 race on grounds of alleged warped election landscape has been received with mixed reactions. While pro-government pundits argue that the move lends the current government legitimacy, other pundits hold that the move is a protest against political impunity and skewed institutions. The country will for the next couple of weeks be highly litigant, with some quarters agitating for power for power’s sake instead of putting the interest of Kenya first.

Political parties should tone down their rhetoric and allow the voice of reason to prevail. Already, the country’s economy and social fabric is reeling from the adverse effects of political chest-thumping. Global interests are proactively taking advantage of the existing feud and exclusionary politics to strengthen their foothold in the region.

The status quo hides a greatly disturbed horizon that is closing in. To calm the storms brewing up in Kenya and the region, the siege approach to governance must be dropped. The constitution and rule of law should be respected and not bent to suit narrow interests. Governance processes must be made inclusive to enjoin each citizen to the assets of the country. 

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