Africa’s Diplomatic Spat With Brussels and Washington Is Pointless

Published on 6th February 2018

The Democratic Republic of Congo has ordered Belgium to close a consulate and cut flights by Brussels Airlines, as the relations between Belgium and its former colony deteriorate after questioning Congo’s human rights violations. On the other hand, South Sudan has recalled its ambassador to US as a dispute between Juba and Washington escalates over an arms embargo against the young state for failure to end the ongoing war. The government and rebels are reportedly spending heavily on military arsenals than on peace and development.

Africa should wise up and realize that its populations are its ultimate prize resource. This resource needs nurturing to be innovative and productive. It is ironic that foreigners should be sympathetic towards African citizenry and force the existing governments to pay attention to their plight as African leaders blatantly violate their rights. Africa must invest in tools of productivity rather than tools of destruction. Foreign nations, on the other hand must not preach water and drink wine and only raise alarm when the odds in terms of deals are against them.

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