The 16th IREN Eastern Africa Media Forum: The East Africa Scenarios

Published on 12th February 2018

The 16th IREN Eastern Africa Media Forum

Theme: The East Africa Scenarios

Date:  March 28 – 31, 2018

Young nations that comprise the East African Community are facing Statecraft nightmares.  The socio-political and economic dynamics of the region are fluid, more-so with the flexing of muscles by powerful geopolitical interests. Will the centre hold?   Just how will the East Africa region look like in 2025? The Inter Region Economic Network (IREN) has selected The East Africa Scenarios as the theme for the 16th IREN Eastern Africa Media Forum. The objectives for this forum include:

  • To share East Africa Scenarios that were developed by thought leaders and volunteers writers from the region
  • To identify trends driving East Africa Scenarios
  • To discuss the role of the media in yielding positive East Africa Scenarios 2025
  • To expand the East Africa Scenarios publication

About IREN EA Media Forum

The IREN Eastern Africa Media forum is one of IREN’s key forums that targets media practitioners for annual brainstorming sessions on business, governance and other developmental issues. The IREN Eastern Africa Media Forum aims at exposing media practitioners to factors that influence events in the world and to principles of wealth creation, and to promote coverage of development economic issues in Eastern Africa media outlets.

Who should attend? This event is open to journalists and communicators interested in development, security and futures issues. Please email Mr. Juma for more details.

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