South Sudan: Beating Swords Into Ploughshares

Published on 27th February 2018

The conflict in South Sudan is a worrisome sore. A UN official, Adama Dieng, implicates Kenya and Uganda for  prolonging the  conflict by serving as conduits for arms to combatants. The international community also blames Salvar Kiir for his reluctance to end the conflict. Salvar Kiir on the other hand blames the international community for sanctions and being complicit to the conflict. The UN had a difficult time warding off claims of smuggling weapons to anti-government insurgents and accepted blame for not following UN guidelines in transporting arms.

The onus is on the people of South Sudan to sit at table and chart a future for their country. Blame games will not help. Voices of reason should not be stifled. South Sudan must not allow itself to be a pawn in geopolitical games. It is time to beat swords into ploughshares.

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