Africa Should Brace for the Real China

Published on 3rd October 2018

The refusal by the Zambia government to allow a Kenyan Law Professor, P.L.O Lumumba, to enter the country on flimsy grounds raises great concern.  Lumumba was invited by Eden University to give a lecture on China-Africa relationship.

Pundits argue that China had a hand in the government’s decision. Zambia is increasingly perceived to be a province of China as is the case in several other African countries.  China is the country’s greatest investor. Chinese firms have won most tenders in the country and Chinese have infiltrated retail trade.

Beijing’s new prominence has given it impetus to  do things in its own terms and make a series of assertive moves in the new space it has found in Africa. If  the allegations that  China had a hand  in the no entry order  are true, and that it is taking over state firms for non-payment of loans, the continent should be cognizant of the fact that partnerships are dictated by interests and that the era of China’s ‘friendship’ and ‘no interference’ stance is over. Africa should brace for the ‘real’ China. 

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