Western Pressure: Will Tanzania Budge?

Published on 13th November 2018

Tanzania faces a diplomatic and financial backlash from European nations for its anti-gay stand. The West sees this as an affront against human rights. The European Union recalled its chief representative in Tanzania to Brussels to discuss the situation in Tanzania.

Political pundits however see the West’s stand as hypocritical, only acting when Western interests are in question. Uganda’s opposition kingpin Dr Kizza Besigye  for example, observes that Western governments discarded their human rights and democratic templates long time ago, citing the case of Kenya where they demonstrated partisanship in the 2017 elections. According to him, they have no moral obligation at the moment to lecture on human rights and democracy.

Africa in general and Tanzania in particular need inclusive dialogue and self-examination on how to operate in a fast changing world. Such backlashes are bound to grow as Africa relates with multiple partners who are keen to further their interests. 

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