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Reflections on Revolutions

There seems to be some confusion regarding the term “revolution” in Tigrai these days

1st September 2020
The AfCFTA Offers Africa Many Opportunities

The AfCFTA offers Africa an opportunity to confront the significant trade and economic development c...

25th August 2020
Lessons Sudan Can Teach Belarus

The political development unfolding in Minsk, with high possibility to spill over and spread through...

25th August 2020
Elections During Covid-19: Is Voting in Person A T...

With the world’s gaze increasingly trained on the upcoming US elections, emerging economies are also...

18th August 2020
Phishing: Africa Bears the Brunt During COVID-19 O...

The year of social distancing or social engineering? Phishing goes targeted and diversifies during C...

18th August 2020
Blacks Must Stop Whining and Get To Work

Anyone who thought or is thinking that President Donald Trump is the reason for systemic racism in A...

11th August 2020
Donald Trump Government is Failing Ethiopia

Ethiopia is on the precipice of becoming yet another failed state in Africa.

11th August 2020
Psychosomatically, Perpetrators Can Be Racists

We, as advanced, civilized and modern humans need to come together to fight racism as a disease and...

4th August 2020
The AfCFTA Dispute Settlement Mechanism

What Disputes could be heard by the AfCFTA Dispute Settlement Mechanism?

4th August 2020
Britain's Air and Space Power in a Changing World

Global Britain must step in in an increasingly unstable world of constant competition.

28th July 2020
3 Pitfalls to Avoid while Building a Challenger Ba...

Businesses are under intense pressure to develop and launch products or services at an even greater...

28th July 2020
Colonial Atrocities: Africa Must Be Compensated

Colonial masters exploited their respective colonies subjecting their subjects to slavery and misery

21st July 2020
Cybercriminals Take Advantage of The Streaming War...

Between January 2019 and April 8, 2020, there were more than 22,000 infection attempts detected that...

21st July 2020
Macroeconomic Consequences of the Global Outbreak...

Entering and exiting the frozen-state economy

14th July 2020
East Africa Economic Outlook 2020 - Coping with th...

East Africa’s economies are slowly transitioning from agriculture to services.

14th July 2020
Can UNSC Recover from the Humiliation and Loss of...

Somalia is again on the brink of violence and disintegration. The last hope for its revival is a tim...

7th July 2020
China, Covid, Trump and Brexit: Investors’ Top Con...

The China-rest of the world relations, the trajectory of the Covid-19 pandemic, the U.S. election an...

7th July 2020
COVID-19 Deepens Kenya’s Ecomonic Woes

Despite the bleak predicament that Kenya finds itself, the country has overtaken crises-hit Angola t...

30th June 2020
Kabuga Should Be Tried in Rwanda

In the Nuremburg trials, Nazi criminals were tried in the country where the crime was committed.

30th June 2020
Money Velocity and Prices

According to popular thinking, the idea of velocity is straightforward

23rd June 2020
Coexistence in a Rapidly Changing World

People who imagine that ethnicity and religion are artificial hang-overs from a regrettable and unla...

16th June 2020
Role of Technology in Finance and Banking

The past few years have seen growing interest in technology-driven innovation in financial services....

16th June 2020
Take Your Knee Off African Necks! - Al Sharpton

Time is out for empty words and empty promises. Time is out for you filibustering and trying to stal...

9th June 2020
Racism in America: What Can We Do?

It’s very important for us to take the momentum that has been created as a society, as a country, an...

9th June 2020
What Drives Turkey’s Growing Influence in Africa?

Turkey’s overarching motivation for more grounded relations with African nations can be attributed t...

9th June 2020
The Future of Russia-Africa Cooperation

Russia sees Africa as a key potential partner in the vision for a multipolar world order

2nd June 2020
Sudan and Trade Integrity

Global Financial Integrity (GFI) has produced a comprehensive report, estimating the magnitude of tr...

2nd June 2020
Africa in the Era of Tempestuous Multilateralism

There is an urgent need for Africa to chart its own course

26th May 2020
Africa Must Stand Tall Despite COVID-19 Pandemic

We will recover and restore our economies. We will uplift the conditions of our people

26th May 2020
How Implementing a Warehouse Management System Hel...

Implementing a warehouse management system in your facility will help you address your employee’s co...

19th May 2020
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