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Big Data and Machine Learning: What Ethical Issues...

The 8th IREN Eastern Africa Thought Leaders ForumTheme: Big Data and Machine Learning: What Ethical...

4th July 2018
Uganda-China Partnership Gives Dividends

As our Chinese friends are helping us in the manner highlighted above, the Ugandans are also support...

26th June 2018
UK to Boost Africa SDGs

Put simply: Global Britain wants to develop modern, energetic and mutually beneficial partnerships a...

19th June 2018
SCO Regional Cooperation Stands Tall in the World

Today, the SCO stands as a comprehensive regional cooperation organization that covers the largest a...

12th June 2018
The Nordics and African Countries: Investing in Yo...

How can we, the Nordics and the African countries collectively contribute to realizing the full pote...

12th June 2018
Horn of Africa and the Impact of the Gulf Conflict...

Soon after the Gulf crisis irrupted in late May 2017, the competing Royal families in the Arabian pe...

29th May 2018
Mauritius in the Globalised Economy

Globalisation is an essential element of the economic history of mankind.

22nd May 2018
State of the European Union

Twenty-five European countries have committed to join forces on common projects

15th May 2018
6 Steps African Businesses Can Take Towards Compli...

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on 25 May 2018.

15th May 2018
Brexit and The Finance of Tomorrow in an Interconn...

International cooperation between countries is more important than ever to preserve the current impr...

8th May 2018
2018 Communiqué of the 4th Annual AGOA Civil Soci...

The conference focused on President Trump's policy on Africa; and reviewed, the administration's rec...

1st May 2018
Strengthening SMEs and Entrepreneurship for Produc...

A healthy SME sector is a vital ingredient for inclusive growth

6th March 2018
East Africans to Discuss the Future of the Region

Theme: The East Africa Scenarios

28th February 2018
EAC Must Not Let East Africans Down

We need to learn and apply lessons from emerging economies

27th February 2018
America First But Not America Alone

As President of the United States, I will always put America First. Just like the leaders of other c...

30th January 2018
2018: The Year of Implementing China’s 19th CPC Na...

2018 marks the beginning of China putting into action the guiding principles of the 19th CPC Nationa...

2nd January 2018
The 5th AU-EU Summit Final Declaration

We acknowledge the importance of youth, especially girls and young women, and those in fragile envir...

12th December 2017
Africa and Europe: Shared Future

Africa and Europe share a past – and we share a future

5th December 2017
Strengthening France-Africa Partnership

Africa has no catching up to do. It must no longer run on tracks laid down by others, but rather wal...

5th December 2017
Seizing the Opportunity of a Global Economy in Tra...

Partnerships based on mutual trust, inclusiveness, cooperation and mutual benefit: This is what keep...

14th November 2017
Trade Justice Good for America and the World

We can no longer tolerate chronic trade abuses, and we will not tolerate them

14th November 2017
Africa -US Business Partnership

Africa, I have to say, is a continent of tremendous, tremendous potential. The outlook is bright.

26th September 2017
European Commission: State of the Union

Europe must always defend its strategic interests. This is why we are proposing a new EU framework f...

18th September 2017
Australia’s Partnership with Africa

At least 170 Australian extractives companies are operating across 35 African countries

12th September 2017
BRICS: South Africa’s Primary Goals

The New Development Bank must be more welcoming to emerging and developing markets and to Africa in...

5th September 2017
Tunisia Requests to Join ECOWAS

ECOWAS is due to decide Tunisia's membership during the organization's conference in Lomé, Togo

30th August 2017
The 7th IREN Eastern Africa Thought Leaders Forum

The Liberal Economic Order and One Belt One Road: Scenarios for East Africa in 2025

18th July 2017
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