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Bad Leadership: Africa's Undoing

True democracy allows the people to define their needs, values and way of doing things

29th January 2011
Africa: Why is Unity Elusive?

AU summit: Is unity elusive? Africa’s territorial boarders as they are now were charted...

29th January 2011
Africa Drifting from Democracy Path

We should not allow this to degenerate. Moreso, we should not allow Africa to slide back to coups an...

25th January 2011
South Sudan to Beat Swords into Ploughshares

Reconstruction and maintaining peace will call for hard work in the days, months and years to come.

16th August 2011
Kibaki Is Setting Good Precedence

Kibaki’s take is a new wake up call for other rulers who still cling unto frozen ideas of ‘me foreve...

9th August 2011
EALA Hails the Birth of South Sudan

EALA has watched with admiration over the years from the time the CPA was signed, as the vision of t...

18th July 2011
Genocide: Slow Down Mr. Kagame!

Rwandan authorities wrongly think that whoever opposes the way democracy is felled is a genocide de...

6th April 2010
Sudan Referendum: What Should India Do?

The upcoming referendum has left India in a dilemma. It has substantial investments in Sudan's energ...

11th January 2011
After Sudan;World should Focus on Oromo

The Oromo Conflict has won the unenviable accolade of being the cradle of the world’s largest forced...

17th January 2011
Tanzania: Peace and Tranquillity Elusive

Kikwete: Has his government become combative?What transpired in Tanzania on 5th January...

8th January 2011
Nigeria 2011 Elections: Can INEC Deliver?

The first days raise questions about the preparedness of the Independent National Election Commissio...

18th January 2011
Power Sharing: An Anathema in African Politics?

Africa should not accept the Kenya and Zimbabwe style power-sharing arrangement.

31st December 2010
Cooperation: The Better Option for Sudan

The best interest of both the north and the south lies in peaceful transition, dialogue and politica...

22nd December 2010
Kenya must be Cautious on ICC Process

ICC or no ICC, a keen observer will agree that in a globalised world, so many eyes are watching what...

20th December 2010
Is China Neocolonialist?

Mutual benefits and respect distinguish China's presence in Africa from Western colonialists and pro...

20th December 2010
Ekiti State, 2011 Elections and the Power of Civil...

Ekiti and Edo have proven that organized civil society can wrestle leadership for the sake of the op...

15th November 2010
Sudan's Election: A Reflection

A lot of local, regional, and extra-continental interest is at stake, explaining the heat Sudan's el...

13th April 2010
Sudan Elections: The Test of Democracy

The early exit and withdrawal of Yasir Arman was meant to avoid disappointment and shame

14th April 2010
Kenya Draft Constitution: From NO to YES

This must be the people’s document, let’s shoot for at least 80% approval by Kenyans

19th April 2010
Dr Willy Mutunga: New Era in Kenya’s Judiciary

Dr Mutunga must pick the judiciary up, dust it, and begin the work of remaking a pertinent departmen...

21st June 2011
Keriako Tobiko: The Battle Rages

Kenyans and citizens of Africa must wake up and firmly demand for good governance from their leaders

13th June 2011
East Africa: Is it Ready for Opposition?

Governments in Eastern Africa ought to give ear to dissenting views for efficient and collective gov...

19th May 2011
Kenya Devolution: A Critique

“Devolution” is not a new concept in Kenya.We have always had local governments managed by the centr...

9th May 2011
Rotational Presidency: Ideal for Kenya?

It will eliminate tribal alliances whereby two-three major tribes gang up to deny other minority tri...

19th April 2011
2011 Elections: Will Nigeria Betray Africa?

Nigeria: A woman casts her vote       Photo courtesyNigeria, the most populous country i...

28th March 2011
Ivory Coast: Unlocking the Impasse

Any attempt to continue the era of big men, economic despotism and political chicanery will condemn...

14th March 2011
Putting “African Neocolonialists” on Notice

Africa today is under the despicable, amoral mercenaric siege of both foreign and “home-brewed Afric...

24th February 2011
The Rwanda Hit List: The Debate Rages Pt II

Snow supports his view since “human rights experts have criticized the Gacaca system as a mechanism...

26th April 2010
Kenya on Growth Momentum

Kenyans should take pride in the revolution initiated by the new constitutional dispensation to crea...

2nd November 2010
Ghana Succeeds Where Kenya Failed

An electoral year should give the people an opportunity to make choices. If you do anything else, yo...

13th January 2009
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