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Old Bonds Renewed

Faced with both opportunities and challenges, Asians and Africans must seize opportunities, strength...

26th April 2005
Non Tariff Barriers Killing Business

Non-Tariff Barriers (NTBs) do exist and are affecting business operations in a significant way.

16th August 2005
Extortions and Embezzlement on the Rise

There is reasonable tolerance of corruption in our society. Unless we pick the courage to report the...

30th November -0001
Politicians, Spirituality and Development

If we can bring spirituality, which is \"wisdom,\" into politics, then politics will be used in the...

25th October 2005
Sudan: Separation or Divorce?

How can one explain why most of the manual laborers digging around Khartoum in the many construction...

18th October 2005
Asantehene and Africa’s Progress

As Ghana’s development process shows today, all the development process burdens rest with the tradit...

21st November 2005
Challenge for the Opposition

With the opposition parties on a weak moral ground in the wake of the Kufour Castle alleged kickback...

6th December 2005
‘Brain Drain’ Good for Africa

The Eritrean Government can think positively about setting up economic zones after interacting with...

6th December 2005
Should we Help Niger?

Niger is a victim of its own government. Early this year, the government refused to heed warnings th...

20th December 2005
The Risk of Running State Affairs in the Castle

Ghanaians need a comprehensive moral and spiritual cleansing, the traditional idea of Ghana herself...

3rd January 2006
Ghanaian Journalists Selling Old Wine

A new Ghanaian journalism philosophy, rooted in Ghanaian values, will not only help Ghanaian journal...

10th January 2006
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