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Ivory Consult Spearheads Clean and Safe Water

Our Company IS social responsibility! Our very life blood is social responsibility. We do not beli...

16th September 2008
BOOST Fellowship Brightens Future for the Youth

BOOST programmes are a “lighthouse,” an element of hope, and an outlet for the youth to see a bright...

23rd June 2009
African Solutions for Africa's Problems

Africa is littered with the putrid carcasses of failed foreign systems imported blindly into Africa.

23rd October 2009
Zimbabwe: A Paradise of Africa?

Political barriers are the only stumbling block to Zimbabwe, the Paradise of Africa.

24th November 2008
Gay Debate: Liberals Versus Evangelicals

It remains to be seen whether or not divisive issues such the ordination of gay clergy and the bless...

29th July 2008
Wealth Creation: Why Public Image Matters

Part of making Africa a player on the world’s stage comes from knowing the “rules” when it comes to...

2nd June 2009
China-Africa Ties: Europe Should Not Panic

China- Africa cooperation is an important component of international cooperation for development. It...

15th July 2008
Why Africa Lags Behind

Have we ever asked ourselves why African leaders troop to the US soon after election?

5th August 2008
The 'Atinga' Development Model

The vast majority of the African people who produce Africa’s real wealth – cash crops, diamonds, gol...

2nd November 2009
Youths Must be Proactive

Youths should wake up from their slumber. The little capital they have, well utilized, can make a gr...

6th January 2009
Analyzing Darfur's Conflict of Definitions

Why do you think the term "genocide" has been used to describe the conflict in Darfur but not in Con...

17th March 2009
The Internalist School and Africa’s ‘Silences’

Africans who publicly criticize African leaders have been denounced as “traitors,” “Uncle Toms,” Hou...

19th October 2009
Making Resources Work for Africans

The colonial legislation most African governments inherited regarding resources needs to be reviewed...

23rd March 2009
Religion and Politics: Strange Bed Fellows?

The church in Africa (and other continents) has a key role in the affairs of the nation

26th May 2009
Ornithology: An Untapped Resource?

The study of birds has been popular for a long time. Currently, many people are generating their inc...

23rd December 2008
From Theory to Practice

The gap between the rich and the poor is too big. In my village, I see families that have no basic n...

6th June 2006
Feeding from Crumbs

When I landed at Hurlingham shopping centre, I was offered a cleaning job in four hotels. I saw an o...

30th May 2006
Beating Phone Phonies

There are too many people out there claiming that they repair phones; yet, they mess it up or interc...

13th June 2006
Earning from the Road

Accidents have reduced and when they happen passengers are much safer as they are not thrown out of...

4th July 2006
The Art of Self Repackaging

To sustain a business one has to be tough. One time you make profits and the next time losses. This...

23rd May 2006
Ambassador to Africa

You don’t need to blame everybody else for your status quo. Make history! Bring change! Do something...

16th May 2006
Men Dislodge Women in the Hair Industry

The fact that people are taking this as a career of choice unlike earlier on, where people believed...

20th June 2006
Discreet Pesticide Application

After harvest, I dry my grains. I then empty one of the rooms in my house and place a large polythen...

27th June 2006
Africa Headed to the Top

Nothing beats being an African. True, our history and collective experiences puts us at a disadvanta...

13th February 2007
Insurance: Security of the Uncertainties

“I look forward to the day when Kenyans will understand and appreciate the work of insurance firms,...

27th March 2007
African Politics Maturing

When the voter connects to the fact that no ‘free’ goodies actually exist, It will be difficult to...

20th February 2007
Clergy Should Abstain from Party Politics

The church has a different calling from the government; that of reconciliation. To be a politician r...

6th February 2007
Identifying your Door to Success

Success is not embedded in white collar jobs only. People should take risk and set up their own bus...

13th March 2007
Another World is Possible!

Africa is not just a continent of unending wars, HIV and AIDS, corruption and dying children as is o...

30th January 2007
Striving to Achieve One's Dream

One needs to be patient to succeed. If you expect results immediately then you may end up walking aw...

27th February 2007
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