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Russia: Facilitating Trade with Africa

Perspectives of business contacts between Russian and African business are underestimated

7th September 2015
Conquering Boko Haram

Nigerian girls protest against abductionsThe menace – Boko Haram must be battled essen...

7th September 2015
Japan-Kenya Relations Threatened

Kenya should invest in its relationship with Japan and shun from treating Japan as second fiddle

7th September 2015
South Sudan Civil War Dents Meaning of Liberation

Kiir and MacharThe civil war in South Sudan after the secession from the north makes Oma...

7th September 2015
Africa Important to Australia's Future

If more African nations can find ways to translate their current exceptional economic growth to long...

14th September 2015
The Role of USA in Africa

Under President Obama’s leadership, the United States is redefining the way we engage with Africa—no...

5th October 2015
Sustainable Development Goals: Call for Commitment

Let’s invest in our greatest resource -- our people -- their education, their skills.

5th October 2015
EAC Integration: EALA`s Role

As a community, it is in our interest that we accommodate all the stakeholders in the process so tha...

6th October 2015
Syria War: Why Ordinary Syrians are the Victims

The Syrian turmoil is a modern incarnation of the same contest with Russia/US seeking their national...

19th October 2015
India: Providing for Peace in Africa

One of the noteworthy aspects of Indian peacekeeping in Africa is its role in humanitarian activitie...

29th October 2015
Commodities: Curse or Cure for Africa?

African countries which successfully manage both the creation of a manufacturing industry around the...

3rd November 2015
ISIS Attacks Paris: 5 Wrongs of Terrorism, the Cas...

Local laws have to be strengthened to meet this threat while doing so without sacrificing the human...

15th November 2015
Economic Immigrants, What Europe Must Do

Africa has raw materials. Europe has technology. If the two will agree to exchange their products, c...

15th November 2015
Improving Remittance Operations in Africa

Even though the remittance market is big (the World Bank estimates put it to $400 billion a year) an...

14th December 2015
Are Republicans Under a Spell?

America votes for a new president in 2016. If the last British election is of any lesson, it is the...

14th December 2015
Who Will Save Syria?

Syria’s current Trajectory can only change if secondary players-US/Russia-Shelves their national int...

15th December 2015
Will WTO MC 10 Deliver For Africa?

Africans have not failed to note the mad rush towards regionalism by heavy weights in the trade worl...

15th December 2015
WTO Must Be Inclusive

Civil society has long witnessed and condemned the unfair negotiations process in the WTO, in which...

15th December 2015
China Seeks 'Win-Win' Ties With Africa

China sincerely wishes to help Africa and in turn, to help herself through "win-win" cooperation bas...

30th March 2010
Do We Care About Urban Poverty?

The absolute number of slum-dwellers worldwide has increased by 55 million since the target was firs...

5th April 2010
The West 'Hypocritic' on DR Congo

The coalition of world troops has been imposed on DR Congo to help plunder resources, cover up ongoi...

26th April 2010
Press Freedom and Kisha Club in Japan

83 percent of people on this planet are without independent press. 83 percent do not know what is go...

15th May 2010
Germany, Greece and Exiting the Eurozone

By Marko Papic, Robert Reinfrank and Peter Zeihan Rumors of the imminent collapse of the eurozone c...

18th May 2010
Jamaica Killings: What Should Africa Do?

We ought not to watch our people inside or outside the Continent engage in self annihilation.

31st May 2010
EAC: Growing from Strength to Strength

We cannot move forward this integration project in an atmosphere of bad faith and mistrust.

4th June 2010
Trinidad and Tobago: Beyond the Rhetoric

Unlike many African nations who have oil and gas but no refineries, Trinidad controls the finished p...

14th August 2012
USA: Is Mitt Romney Ignoring Blacks?

Who are the Blacks that are supposedly on the campaign? Why are there no Blacks on the campaign web...

21st August 2012
East Africa Community: Stock Taking

The East African Business people, investors and ordinary citizens still find non-tariff barriers and...

10th September 2012
US Right-wing Groups Devise to Disenfranchise Blac...

Right-wing Groups Devise and Organize a National Campaign to Disenfranchise US voters and Black Vote...

9th October 2012
Skewed Interests Blunt EAC Integration Pace

Will EAC presidents – their advisors in tow – change tack and put more effort in the integration pro...

16th October 2012
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