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Critics Hitting Obama Below the Belt

Obama has cheerleeders amidst criticism P. courtesyPresident Barrack Obama faces tough c...

20th September 2010
Looking East: Zimbabwe's Lifeline

Why should Zimbabwe look West and lower its people’s living standards on the back of high interest l...

12th December 2010
Zimbabwe: Ethanol Key to Energy Independence

Ethanol can be blended with petrol or diesel, effectively allowing Zimbabwe to ''grow" some of its o...

5th November 2010
Tribalism and its Political Undercurrents

If the tribe was to be moved from the language and traditions level to a national level, what a beau...

17th January 2011
Which Way for Uganda’s Housing Challenge?

Uganda and Kampala in particular is lacking over 5000 housing units leaving dozens of Ugandans grapp...

12th December 2010
Wrong Focus is Nigeria's Undoing

Nigeria not only pursues wrong sectors, but sees politics as the only tool to develop

21st September 2010
Kenya Coalition Principals Grossly Misguided about...

We sympathize with the coalition principals’ embarrassment suffered after the honest and unflatterin...

19th December 2010
Kenya Puts Funds in Torn Pockets

With corruption, wastage and unnecessary administrative costs, 20-30% of the allocated funds get to...

7th February 2011
COMESA Targets Africa's Economic Transformation

COMESA will champion the race to economic transformation through food security, value addition, dive...

7th February 2011
Obasanjo: The Coup Maker Democratized

Obasanjo’s deliberative democratic exercise with the African military is a productive moment for Afr...

7th September 2010
9th IREN EA Media Training: A Participant's Voice

Media houses must contribute a certain percentage of space/airtime to accommodate development agenda

15th March 2011
'KKK Alliance' Threat to Kenya Cohesion

KKK has nothing else binding other than bringing the three big tribes in Kenya to win Executive powe...

29th January 2011
NACADA Should Involve Stakeholders

The National Agency for the Campaign Against Drug Abuse Authority (NACADA) has its job cut out to en...

7th December 2010
Miguna: Why the PM Must Protect Him

Miguna Miguna is treading on dangerous grounds and has fallen into a well-choreographed plan to stop...

16th July 2012
Harambee Spirit Drives the Philippines

Brigada Eskwela is the true essence of the spirit of ‘Harambee’ at play in the Philippines

30th May 2011
Media Ought to Drive Development

Government control and propaganda, have done a disservice to the role of the media in nation buildin...

25th April 2011
Nigeria: Things Falling Apart?

All over the world, oligarchies are being challenged; dictators are being disgraced and universal or...

8th December 2011
One Africa - One Voice Against Hunger

On 25 August, we expect that dignitaries from Africa and far beyond the continent will give focused...

16th August 2011
Employment: Kenya Youth Grow Impatient

The trend in the Arab world should give our political leadership an urgency to improve the younger g...

28th March 2011
Hands-Off Policy to Solve the Unemployment Problem

In SA, for every three existing jobs, one more will have to be added if today’s unemployed are to be...

29th January 2011
EITI Pays Dividends in Tanzania

EITI is aligned with Tanzania's policy of promoting transparency and accountability in the manageme...

4th March 2011
Ghana: The 'Rational' vs 'Irrational' in Combat

Belief in witchcraft is a real danger to the survival of the African civilization. Mixed with povert...

29th November 2010
This is Africa's Time

Effective usage of Africa's natural resources will generate income for other investment

24th January 2011
What the Abuja Bomb Blasts Reveal

Independence celebrations are meant to be joyful occasions. And for a country like Nigeria that face...

5th October 2010
Archbishop Palmer-Buckle’s “Funeral Oration”

Instead of spending hugely on the dead, Ghanaians must establish an endowment fund in memory of the...

1st November 2010
Urbanisation: The Detour

Nairobi’s social and spatial inequalities make me wonder. Why are some people so rich while others s...

12th April 2011
Negative ethnicity: Devouring Uganda?

My friend Angela has been an ardent supporter of Uganda’s opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FD...

8th December 2011
The Economy Vs Ethical Capitalism

The economic sphere is neither ethically neutral, nor inherently inhuman and opposed to society.

8th November 2010
The End of the Third World

Africa: Bidding bye to 'third world' status?The recent gridlock in Nairobi helped expose...

5th October 2010
Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi and Briefcase Journalism

Rotimi C. Amaechi, Governor of Rivers State  Photo courtesyMudsling and propaganda seem...

15th December 2011
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